It's been time for several days to set up a larger (and taller) area for the biggie piggies and this afternoon I finally had a chance.  They are now on the new linoleum I got for this purpose and in a two foot high ex-pen.  I cut their pool down to just large enough for Big Mo to use when she nurses.  Added a litter box though they haven't used it yet.

Several of them were determined to crawl into the space between the pool and the expen.  I put in various stuffings to block their openings.  On one side, it didn't seem to be working so I rolled up a towel and put that in as well for a better block.  Several of them tried to get up and over or through with no success.  But only Keyhole boy thought to back into it to try to push it with his largest end.  I watched in amazement as he gave it a backward shove or two and then turned to see if it worked.  You could almost see him sigh.  What a smart boy.

They are all showing personality traits now.  Some of these will change of course but it's fun to watch them now. 



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