Yesterday marks three weeks since reality overran my calendar errors.  I was so busy working, I forgot to get pics!  I did manage to get a few this morning and will try to get individual shots later in the day. 

The puppies are now playing with each other quite a bit though for very short periods of time.  This morning Black Beard had an actual growl (baby version) and The Other Boy came over, gave him a look and climbed on his head.  Lots of bitey-mouthy games.

I'm supplementing them with formula with mixed success.  The larger ones have caught on how to lap it up though they don't want to eat very much of it.  The littlest tykes haven't mastered the art of lapping fluids. They snort and shudder whenever their nose goes near the bowl.  I suspect they think we may be water boarding them. Check out pictures here



06/23/2009 20:37

I so enjoyed visiting the biggie piggies. Great job on your blog. I loved the "you with the camera do you know.....


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