Woot and Momo both entered the conformation show in Carmel last weekend.  I was off in WA at a lure coursing judging assignment I had previously accepted.  So, Emily and Russell stepped up and decided to show them both as well as their other whippet girl, Chinook.

Momo, who is looking the most ring ready of the pups, decided it was all too much for her I guess.  Anyway, she jumped out of a (slowly) moving car and managed to cut up her legs badly enough that she needed not just stitches but also very significant bandaging.

Woot, who despite her cute face has a very skinny tush as well as ribs and hip bones sticking out, and Emily who was showing for the first time ever, managed to pull out a 4th place out of 6 entries both days.  Good on Emily!   I sure wish Momo could have been in there, too but then Woot wouldn't have gotten a ribbon.

This was a joint effort so Woot kept one ribbon and Emily kept the other.  Good work for two complete novices!

The lure coursing trial was a lot of fun and it was great to see the girls when I returned. 



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