Big Mo kept us waiting for days but once she started she was quite the quick one.  We had 7 babies in 1.25 hours - 4 beautiful girls and 3 handsome boys.  All are brindle like Daddy Dog. - cb



11/20/2007 08:16

Congratulations to you and Big Mo.

Erman, Donna and Tucker

Nancy Doucette
11/20/2007 18:52

Cheryl, we on the East Coast congratulate you and Big Mo and look forward to the first pictures of the babies.

Justin sends hugs and kisses to his babies.

Nancy Doucette
Ch. Bohem Just In Time CR
Ch. Whispa JP Bohem Tinsel SC OTR CR
Redcliffe Just About Time

11/22/2007 08:00

Congratulations to you & Big Mo and Nancy & Justin. The puppies look gorgous!

Rita Vanhaeren & uncle Timmy
Song Sung Blue Whippets
Multi Ch Bohem Time Flies, WW06
Chelsea The Reason Why
Dumbriton Lord of the Dance
Peperone Paulette
Starline's Limited Edition


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