The pups have been spending time in the back yard several times a day.  They are so adorable as they romp about.  Fortunately, we've had some visitors who have taken wonderful pictures.  Watch this space for those. 

I'm lucky that being self employed I'm able to take an hour in the morning to have my coffee and watch the puppies cavort in the yard.  Could there be anything cuter than a puppy bounding with some treasure?  This morning I discovered that the Dude, ever precocious as he is, has learned to bark.  He let a couple of his litter mates know what he thought of their play fight without him by giving them a good round of barks.  I thought I heard a bark from the puppy pen last night but assumed that I was dreaming.

This morning, the Princess was all cuddle bunny.  She played for a while and then climbed up my chair to get in my lap and snuggle.  What a sweet little bundle of softness.



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