This is the first year since 2001 that we were able to go for the whole week of the Nat'ls and so we went for the whole enchilada.  Corky, Big Mo and I took off on Sat to be there for lure coursing on Sunday.  Imagine our surprise to find the field covered in ice and snow on Sunday morning.  The girls had never seen snow so lure coursing in it was quite new for them.

The course was the type that is best for racing dogs and the top winners were race dogs indeed.  The girls did alright anyway with Big Mo taking a placement and Corky just a point or two out.

The next two days were the triathlon special conformation and obedience.  The girls did quite well with these two events and ended the triathlon with very nice placements.  Big Mo was just one big obedience boo-boo out of winning the whole thing.  She had a very nice second place to another wonderful dog that didn't make that mistake.

Corky was amazing.  When I entered her I hoped she might make it into the top ten but was ready to be happy if she just finished.  Well - she did better than that - Corky ended up in third place!  This is the same placement she had in 2001 at age 3.  What a girl!

The rest of the week was one fun thing after another and the girls did pretty well at everything they tried.  (See the Parade of Honors video below).  The big finale was the banquet where Big Mo was presented the Champion Award of Versatility.  What a good girl.

Here are a pictures of most of the girls' loot :


More pictures from the national are at  this web site



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