2013 was one of those years with ups and downs - just like most!

On the happy side, Woot and Big Mo had a lot of fun with agility training.  Big Mo is resuming (at age 10) after a long hiatus from when I was injured.  Woot has just begun this year and is showing lots of promise.

Corky, now 15, continues to shine doing nosework.  She may be retired from many of her sports but you just can't keep an energizer bunny athlete like Corky down.

Momo, now CH Avita Coup de Foudre, completed her bench championship.  All three home girls, Corky, Big Mo and Woot, completed their CGCs - Corky repeating at 14 after passing it at age 1 or w.

On the not so good side, Corky suffered very serious complications from the removal of a minor bump.  She was very ill for some time and was left with a severed achilles tendon.  Fortunately, she is as spunky as ever and is now getting around quite well with a brace that was fabricated just for her.

Late in the year, Eloise, Avita Living Large, surprised us by eloping with her long time whippet boyfriend Rockall and gave us a lovely litter of grandpuppies.

We are looking forward to more fun in 2014.
Time has certainly gotten away from me since I last posted and so much has happened since the last time. Where to start?  I'll begin with the home girls. 

Corky will be 13 in six days and I've enjoyed every one of those years with her.  There has never been a better whippet nor a better friend.  She still has the spark and ran like a yearling at a race practice this weekend.

Big Mo recently completed her Master Courser title and still loves to run.  She is 7 now and enters the veterans stake.

Woot is a clever monkey.  The dremel I use to trim nails went missing recently.   Several days later I found it in the high grass by a fence where Woot stashes her stuff.  She had to have jumped on the counter, rooted through a bowl and then escaped with the dremel.  We are currently in an obedience class where she sometimes pretends not to get it.  Quite a rouse.





For his birthday, Jackson hits the roof & brings his friend Molly along

RaRa is now Portia and has a family of five humans and one dachshund of her own.  Here's a little retrospective of her last week or so here. (Give it a minute or so to load)

Corky, Big Mo & Woot have gotten way too far into that autumn spirit.  I had left - far back on the counter - about two thirds of a huge pumpkin pie.  It's diameter was probably 14 inches or so.  Off I went to run some errands.  When I came home the empty pie plate and lid were on the floor, empty.  Errgh!  At least it was pumpkin so it can also treat whatever digestive upset it causes.
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And how was your day?

I accidentally deleted the home page today while trying to add the third page of the Hampton Hooligans update.   I've recreated it as best I remember but if there is something you were looking for that is no longer there, let me know!
MoMo and Emily were Best of Breed over specials at Sir Frances Drake today.  Those two rock!
Not so easy for me - the puppies are beginning to go to their new homes.  Thursday the Dude and Cosmo went to their new homes.  Friday was Taser's turn.  Saturday, WootieToo went to join sister Abby from Big Mo's previous litter.  And Sunday BlackBeard went to his new home.
Next will be pictures of them in their new homes but that will have to wait for my return from a judging assignment.

Looks like there was an awful lot of kissing going on.

The puppies had some very nice visitors who just got a chance to send their pictures.  The puppies are six weeks old in these pics.